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NileTaxis are iconic and instantly recognizable, as well as being an intrinsic and practical part of everyday city life and our transport system. Each NileTaxi travels hundreds of miles each week, stopping at hundreds of destinations, creating millions of impressions on your potential customer base.

  • As a stand-alone advertising platform or as part of an integrated campaign, NileTaxi Advertising can take your brand almost anywhere. NileTaxis are used and seen by financial high-fliers, business decision makers, shoppers, wealthy residents, tourists and visitors. NileTaxi Advertising directly influences the buying habits of your desired potential customer.
  • Exterior advertising is seen by millions of people every day. Bold designs, colorful images and simple statements; the widest cross-section of the public will soon recognize and recall your brand, giving you the edge in today’s highly competitive consumer marketplace.
  • Inside the passenger compartment, the profile of your audience is more specific. Passengers are affluent and upwardly mobile. On average 90% are AB. An average journey time of over 20 minutes and the comfortable, captive environment provides you with valuable time to target this premium audience.

Give your brand an unbeatable presence on the Nile river banks of CAIRO’s busiest neighborhoods with full wrap taxi advertising.

  • Cover an entire boat with your creative
  • Reach your ideal audience from every angle
  • Ideal for long-term campaigns and PR

Choose a megaside advertising campaign to exploit the full space offered by the boat’s sides and reach your customers in Nile river banks of Cairo.

  • Middle ground between full wrap & superside
  • Provides extensive coverage of brands
  • Maximises the side space of a Niletaxi

Are you interested in a high volume campaign which is cost-effective and reliable? Look no further than superside NileTaxi advertising from NTS.

  • Ideal for short-medium campaigns
  • Cost effective ad solution
  • Eye-catching panels cover sides and tower

Extend your campaign with interior niletaxi advertising and make your ads memorable to those on board as well as passers by.

  • 200 niletaxi journeys each day
  • Reach passengers in captive environment
  • Expand on your exterior advertising

Add interactive elements to your niletaxi advertising campaign to drive engagement, raise brand awareness and encourage purchases at the touch of a button.

  • Social  media competitions
  • QR codes and call to actions
  • Encourage instant interaction

Reach passengers on board through this exciting medium by advertising on interior niletaxi screens.

  • Expand your interior adverts
  • Interact with niletaxi passengers
  • An ever-improving format